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Be true to you. Our mission is to help empower women (and men) to find the strong, unique and powerful sensuality they possess and to embrace it.


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Our team is here to help you embrace your true self!


"Shamelessly embrace your sensuality. Be wild and Free. Be uniquely you."

-Whiskey & Lace 



When I first met Chantelle, it was not through business, it was for an item I had for sale! Chantelle was courteous and kind then, and her beauty, and courteous ways really shine. When I heard Chantelle did boudoir photography, and seen some of her work, I knew she was capable of what I needed done.
As an abused battered woman when I came to Renfrew County, a survivor of rape, and such a low self esteem, Chantelle showed me again just how beautiful I really was, because I didn’t believe it after years of being told different. She had me feeling more confident and beautiful than I even truly believed I was! Chantelle is a gem! A true genuine kind hearted person who wants you to see your own self worth! It truly does show within her work! I went to Chantelle, nervous, scared and my self esteem completely torn apart. To happy, more confident, and truly believing that I was beautiful not only on the inside but outside too! Thank you Chantelle for making me see I really am beautiful, not only on the inside, but outside as well. Mere words cannot express the type of gratitude, and respect this woman truly deserves. I highly recommend her, not only for her workmanship, but the beauty she invests in you, and her work! Thank you Chantelle! I adore you girl! 😘



Chantal is amazing. She's patient , knowledgeable and empowering.
She made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. She definitely reminded me that am beautiful.



Chantelle is very energetic and professional. She makes you feel comfortable, empowered, and beautiful the whole time, and you leave with yourself on cloud 9!

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