Our Team

Our team is here to make your session as enjoyable as possible and to make you feel amazing! From makeup and hair to your actual shoot let our professionals take you on an adventure. Step outside that comfort zone and live life to the fullest. Be uniquely you!!



CALLIE (Chantelle Lambert)

Hi ya! My name is Chantelle folks tend to call me Callie, I love sensuality, femininity and Whiskey! Hence Whiskey & Lace. Be true to you and shamelessly embrace your femininity. This is what Whiskey & Lace is all about. Soft, gorgeous and beautiful with a slow burn and an edge. Show yourself and the world your true beauty, & embrace it. Be unapologetically feminine, be you!


Hair Dresser


Hi, I have been doing hair for many years and love helping woman feel amazing! I can't wait to meet you and help you meet your vision of the perfect boudoir shoot!


Makeup Artist


Hi there, I am freelance makeup artist with 5+ years experience! My goal is to make woman feel empowered and confident in their own skin while enhancing their  natural beauty! When I'm not doing makeup I'm bartending, being a mom to four children, and running two businesses!


Makeup Artist


Hello, my name is Jeska , I'm a mom/ step mom of 6 beautiful kids . I've been doing makeup now for just over 4 years . I love making people feel great and seeing the smiles on their face when I reveal the look we came up with. I believe every woman has the right to feel beautiful. I just enhance what they already have.