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Recently I launched Whiskey and Lace Boudoir. I have an amazing team that I was able to secure for shoots, and it has been an amazing journey that we have been on. To be honest a bit of a wild ride. During this time it was beyond unbelievable when I was nominated with some of the greatest photographers in our area for Top photographer in the Myfm Spirit awards. Like honestly, I cried, I jumped up and down and giggled like a school girl. I never thought I would ever get to this point in my life where I look at what's happening around me and feel joy and gratefulness. It is happening so quickly and I feel like I am caught in the turmoil of a storm, but hell it's an amazing storm.

I have been meeting so many creative and beautiful souls and networking amongst some stellar people, but the most satisfying and exciting thing about this whole experience is meeting the ladies and gents that I have been shooting in the Boudoir setting. I have had women come in that during a consult have opened up about things that they never even realized had been lurking behind their eyes. A session with me is a bit of an experience I have been told. I also thought maybe I should give you a sneek peek into the process.

Step 1: Reach out and make contact

Step 2: I ask clients to come on in and have a chance to meet me so that we can chat. A lot of the times there might be specific things for the clients looking for and we can go over that and make sure that we can accommodate everything. Also when it comes to pricing our pricing varies depending on what type of package you're looking for. A boudoir shoot is very intimate so you want to make sure that you feel comfortable with the person who is photographing you.

Step 3: You decide if this is something you want to do and we pick a date! A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.

Step 4: This is when the behind the scenes stuff happens, I book you makeup and hair and get a client board started. I will ask you for a photo that I can share with my team so we can get an idea on your skin tones and hair for your session. You and I continue to have contact through facebook or messaging and we create your vision for your session.

Step 5: Your session happens!!!!!! You come in and you are pampered and then you will be immersed into your session. :)

This is roughly how things run, sometimes things might not go exactly as listed above but usually they do.

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