Wake the fuck up!

Have you ever thought to yourself that you wanted to do something but you were too afraid to do cause it might not work, people might think less of you, maybe it will fail or my favourite it just is the wrong time for this? Well let me tell you if you don’t take risks nothing will ever change. I know that there is many of you out there that have thought those exact thoughts, that I’ve lied in bed at night thinking about what other people think of you and I know that a lot of you might not even want to admit that to yourselves . Life is meant to be lived. I have struggled for so many years and so many times I have posted a false life for all to see, finally I am over that shit! I am somebody worth loving, I am somebody worth other people’s time. For so many years I was a super introvert only making friendships with a select few who I felt could like me for me, but the sad thing is I didn’t even know who me is. Really who was the stuck up, eh?

Have you ever thought that person is really pretty, or that person is really successful, that person is really smart and they probably wouldn’t have any interest in being friends with you? I know I thought that and I finally had to take a step back and look at the fact that it was my insecurity that was creating that world around me. I now know that I am intelligent, that I am good looking, and that I am worth being around. I don’t struggle anymore. I am no longer scared, or insecure. I am going to move forward. I am taking my life back. If you’ve ever felt lost, like you don’t even know who you are anymore you’re not alone. take the time one day to sit down and put to paper what you really think about you. For all the negative things you write write at least one positive. Start with that, see where that takes you and wake the fuck up, you are amazing, you are phenomenal and you deserve the best out of life so get ready to take it!!

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