Summer Weddings...Had me a blast

Two weddings in the books and two more to go, along with countless family shoots and even some car shows. My favourite though is the weddings. When you get to a wedding it is a buzzing hive of excitement, and in some cases nerves. Each wedding is unique but one thing is always the same, the love that the camera catches between the bride and groom.

First Wedding of the season had me venturing out and around the Ottawa Valley from a gorgeous backyard to an amazing hotel venue and then to a spectacularly decorated hall. The bride had the most gorgeous dress and was absolutely breath taking! The groom was dressed in a dapper purple suit and drove an amazing slingshot to the wedding. Unique? I think so!! Just a photo or two from the Quinton Wedding! Congratulations!!

Beautiful bride and handsome groom

Gorgeous wedding party

The next wedding found me touring Renfrew County starting at a gorgeous church venue and ending at the beautiful Heritage Hall in Beachburg. The bride custom decorated the hall and the venue and it was beyond beautiful. We also found an amazing spot to shoot as the sun started to set. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Zieman.

Beautiful Wedding Party

Bride and Groom

Gorgeous venue

Looking forward to the next wedding on Aug 3. Well time to get back to some social media work. Thank you for checking this blog out! Have an amazing day folks.

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