INSTAGRAM - Friend or Foe

Hi ya folks! Everyone and their dog is jumping on the Instagram wagon, but here's the things there are some things that are fantastic to use for Instagram and there are some that are just a abit overdone.

1. Make sure your profile photo is relevant to your business and is wicked awesome. If it is a business account, switch it to a business account. Have you ever seen an Instagram account come up on your feed that has 15,000 followers but only one or two likes on their photos? Strange eh? Well many times those inactive followers are bought followers, random account that yes, you can pay to follow you, the things about these accounts are they usually are inactive which in the end is just a number, people want to see interactions happening, they want to see you reach out and being an influencer, not just a stagnant account. What about those photos that are just soooo fake, I have caught myself looking at one or two in the past and think, "man that's a bit overdone" did I like them? Nope, and I bet unless the photo being overdone is relevant you probably just go right on by them as well.

2. So tip number two, make sure that your photos are bright, cheery and eye catching without being garish and overdone. Instagram has great filters to use so use them when appropriate. Now don't get me wrong if your Instagram feed is meant to be goth or dark alternative or moody be true to your feed, but keep the photos and content as high quality as possible.

3. Try to keep your Instagram feed looking clean and well organized, following a theme works really well (this is great if it is a business page or a page that specializes in a specific thing, such as beauty products or running gear, and so on.)

4. Hashtags! Now these babies are important but only if you use them correctly. If you are constantly overdoing your hashtags and not using hashtags that are relevant to your topics or photos then each time you log in you will see that your followers fluctuate quite drastically, many people follow hashtags and will follow based on a hashtag but if the content continues to not be relevant afterwards they will unfollow you.

4. Locations - This is a great way to find other folks in your area that will appreciate your content and that will share it out to the world, it also allows you to find other businesses in the area that may want to network with you as well. Mutually beneficial relationships rock!!!Mutually beneficial networking is the bomb!!

5. And the best way to do this is to partner for some shout-outs. To learn more about shout-outs checkout my shout-outs blog.

5 1/2. Research. Find Instagram account and Instagram influencers that you want to reach out to. Comment on their photos a content make them know that you're alive this is a way to get them to follow you back. Did you know that not everyone is going to actually like your content? It's true some people have no care in the world when it comes to the stuff you're posting so why would you try to target them? That's right. The answer to that question is don't. Look for people that are following the hashtags that are using and make sure that your hashtags are actually relevant to your content. Look for other accounts that are using similar hashtags in high numbers check them out and follow them and see what they are doing right and then implemented for yourself.


It's okay to ask for a little bit of help. Don't be shy on occasion to ask your followers to like your content ask them to like your photo ask them to checkout your website don't overdo it but maybe 2 to 3 times a week you ask them to engage with your content. Now don't get me wrong this won't work for everybody but why not try what do you have to lose? If someone likes your content or follows your content return the favour go to their account like some of there stuff and follow them. This is called creating some positive vibes.

Thank you for reading this far I hope you got something out of it if you haven't I'm sorry :( but for those of you that have keep on rockin' that Instagram account and don't forget to go and add me I promise that I'll like you back and I'll even comment on some of your stuff I'm one of those people that kind of like everything LOL . #calliefoxdesign

For more advanced strategies checkout my blog on advanced Instagram

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