Do You Jump?

Your mom probably said it to you at one time, “if your friend jumped off a cliff would you?” And you probably answered no with a chagrined look on your face while you kicked and slightly shuffled the dirt beneath your feet. That’s how I answered every time until I hit about 25, until I started questioning it. It being, “how high are we talking? Is there anything I get if I do? What’s the location like?” And now at 35 my answer is even more dialed and it consists of “is the payoff worth the risk?” This was a question that was posed recently when I had to make the decision between working shift work or caring for a family member and building my own business while doing so so that I could still feed my kids. Don’t get me wrong I have an awesome husband that works hard and is fantastic but a girl has to feel like she is contributing. So I did IT, I jumped off the cliff metaphorically. I started my own business and left all the rest behind. I knew I had a knack for building websites and social media and I loved getting behind a cause so next thing I know I am marketing for Smoke Signals Pikwakanagan, working with Reality and rubbing elbows with Veterans Enterprises all local businesses that contribute to our local economy here in the Ottawa Valley. Social Media is so very important and later this week I am going to give you a tool to audit your own social media game! Stay tuned and maybe it’s time you jumped into something you love! Take a risk! Always forward, never backward!

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